Manuel Neuer faces another setback – bitter news

Update Dec 22, 2022: Neuer no longer ‘world class’ – only the seventh best goalkeeper in the league?

Manuel Neuer just put the worm in it. First the bitter end of the World Cup with the national team, then the serious injury while skiing and even speculation about a possible end to his career.

As the 36-year-old recovers from a broken lower leg, he has to watch his club potentially sign a potential replacement for him. Will Alexander Nübel return from Monaco earlier? Does Yann Sommer come from Gladbach? Or a completely different one?

Meanwhile, the “next clap for Neuer” came on Thursday, as the “Photo“-Newspaper Title: The Football Magazine”baby foot” has published a new ranking of Bundesliga goalkeepers. In it, Neuer is not yet in the highest category, “World Class”. Small consolation: not a single Bundesliga goalkeeper n got the “World Class” title. But in the second highest category, the “international class”, even six ball catchers come in ahead of Manuel Neuer: the two Swiss Gregor Kobel (Borussia Dortmund) and the already mentioned Sommer (Borussia Mönchengladbach), German number 3. Kevin Trapp (Eintracht Frankfurt), Marvin Schwäbe (1. FC Cologne), Koen Casteels (VfL Wolfsburg) and Mark Flekken (SC Freiburg).

From baby foot also explains Neuer’s classification with its comparatively lower grade point average of 3.08. Although Neuer wasn’t guilty of much in the Bundesliga preliminary round, on the other hand, he could hardly excel due to Bayern’s generally very stable defense. The weakness of the World Cup also had a negative impact.

Update December 13, 2022: Ex-national goalkeeper Immel with poor Neuer prediction: ‘It’s going to be difficult’

Former German national goalkeeper Eike Immel (19 internationals between 1980 and 1988) commented on Bayern star Manuel Neuer’s injury and made a grim prognosis. “I think as much as I hate to say it, this is the beginning of the end,” Immel said. t-line and to continue: “The shoulder, the Mixed World Cup and now the ski accident. Sure, it’s a coincidence, but it’s still a chain that shows a certain trend”, explains the 62-year-old player year.

The season is over for Neuer after his serious skiing accident. Since the national goalkeeper is now 36, one or the other is already wondering about the rest of his career – including Immel. “I think it will be difficult to come back”, after all it’s not Neuer’s first injury this season. Neuer only returned from a bruised shoulder in November, just in time for the World Cup in Qatar. According to Immel, it was a mistake to deny it again. “I’m sure it wasn’t 100% healed because the goal against Japan should never happen,” Immel told t-online. He had the feeling that Neuer had protected his shoulder.

The former national goalkeeper advises FC Bayern Munich to hire a new goalkeeper as a replacement. Bayern’s regular number 2 Sven Ulreich is ‘not bad’ but not ‘above average’ either – and that’s exactly what FCB need to achieve their goals. Immel is therefore playing a few names, including Croatian international Dominik Livaković, who is causing a sensation in the World Cup and is under contract with Dinamo Zagreb. Immel also believes Neuer national team representatives Marc-Andre ter Stegen (FC Barcelona) and Kevin Trapp (Eintracht Frankfurt) can play the No. 1 role at Bayern. But there is also an ideal short-term solution: a loan from former Bundesliga goalkeeper Stefan Ortega. The former Bielefeld player joined Guardiola from Manchester City in the summer but does not play there regularly. Ortega is therefore ‘the absolute best fit’ as a new substitute, says Immel.

Update December 12, 2022: Rescuers initially did not recognize Manuel Neuer

After the accident of national football goalkeeper Manuel Neuer during a ski tour, further details of the event became known. The 36-year-old fell down the steep southern slope of the Roßkopf on Spitzingsee in Bavaria, a spokesman for the Schliersee mountain rescue service confirmed to the “Miesbacher Merkur” on Sunday. The group Neuer was traveling with then made an emergency call. Rescuers initially did not recognize Neuer because of his helmet and hat. But they quickly realized “that it is Mr. Neuer”.

Since Neuer could not be taken on a rescue sled due to icy snow, a helicopter was requested, the mountain rescue service spokesman said. The FC Bayern Munich goalkeeper was then transported to the Murnau accident clinic in a helicopter.

Neuer had broken his leg in the crash. “What can I say, the end of the year could have gone better,” the football professional wrote on Instagram on Saturday. He wanted to clear his head by ski touring, that’s when the mishap happened. The necessary operation went “very well”, assured Neuer. However, the keeper will be out for the rest of the season.

Unlike alpine skiing on groomed slopes or cross-country skiing, ski touring is more of a mountaineering discipline. With skis on, ski tourers ascend suitable mountains – then descend in classic form through unprepared and unsecured terrain.

Original message of December 10, 2022: Accident in skiing – Season stoppage for Manuel Neuer

The right hand hangs from a gray handle, the thumb of the bandaged left hand points upwards. And the look speaks volumes. Tried with a tried smile Neuer manual showing optimism in his social media post. The white bandage around his right leg, which is in a splint, cannot hide the truth.

A few days after the sporting low blow with the Co World Cup with the Qatar national football team, the German number one must now also accept injury shock. News broke his lower leg. The season is over for the Bayern Munich goalkeeper. At 36, the question of a comeback arises.

Manuel Neuer breaks his leg during a ski tour – the most serious injury to date

“Hey guys, what can I say, the end of the year definitely could have gone better…While I kept my head on the Nordic skiing I wanted to be free, I have one broken leg drawn,” Neuer wrote on Instagram on Saturday. He wanted to give some hope. “Yesterday The OP went very well. Many thanks to the medical team! However, it hurts to know that the current season is over for me. Take care of yourself! Your Handbook,” the goalkeeper concluded in his social media post.

In recent years, Neuer has struggled with injuries, starting with a Metatarsal fracture 2017. But the broken leg is one of his most serious injuries – and that without a doubt advanced age of footballer.

Neuer’s moral support is not lacking. Former and current colleagues like Timo Hildebrand, Gerald Asamoah, Rafal Gikiewicz and Jérôme Boateng, TV presenter Kai Pflaume or Olympic biathlon champion Denise Herrmann-Wick were the first to send their best wishes. And of course FC Bayern reacted immediately. “The news of Manuel’s injury has shocked us all. We will support him and accompany him on his way back. He will overcome this serious injury and return to the pitch as strong as before,” CEO Oliver Kahn said. .

Championship and Champions League – important matches are brewing

Sporting director Hasan Salihamidžić also left him at all without a doubt come up with the fact that Neuer ins Bayern goal said: “It’s terrible that Manuel had such an accident and of course all our thoughts are with him. I spoke to him yesterday and today the operation went as well as possible. Manuel will receive all the support. He is a strong personality and will be back. I wish him all the best, he can look forward to the Leaving Bayern Munich“salihamidžić underlined.

But of course the injury of the captain and best performer puts Bayern next to a bitter career break also with currently explosive questions. Can targets championship and especially the Champions League be achieved without Neuer? When the 36-year-old spends a few weeks in early autumn due to a shoulder injury abandoned, MP Sven Ulreich has done a good job.

But now the crack matches are coming, for example in February and March in the queen class round of 16 Paris Saint Germain with Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. Alexandre Nuebel is loaned to AS Monaco as a potential new heir until the summer. The transfer window until the end of January still offers opportunities.

Costa Rica Neuer’s last DFB mission? possibility of return

For newcomers to Munich another Contract until summer 2024 a, the question of one arises more than ever Continuation of the career in the national jersey. He wasn’t to blame for the World Cup, but his performance in Qatar wasn’t free from criticism either, despite a goalkeeping record 19 tournament appearances since 2010. He was blamed in particular for the second goal conceded in the 1-2 draw against Japan. . Not only when shooting into the near corner did he reveal some deficits from previous bold saves.

Movie Hansi sent his best wishes to his captain. “This is very bitter news at the end of the year. We are happy that the operation went well and wish Manu a good and speedy recovery. This is currently the most important thing,” said the national coach.

Was the useless victory against Costa Rica So Neuer’s 117th and last DFB mission? He had ruled out resigning on the dismal night of Al-Khour. “If I’m invited and the performance is good”, he wants further for Germany player.

When the national team restarts at the end of March with the first Test matches to prepare for the European Championship at home begins, he will surely be missed now. Marc-Andre ter Stegen (30) should be its logical representative. Neuer turns 37 on March 27.

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